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At PayFacto, we provide industry-leading payment processing technologies and flexible solutions to help merchants, ISOs, ISVs and payment facilitators meet market needs.

PayFacto Solutions


Experience rapid and secure transactions whether in-store or on-the-move

E-commerce solutions

Enhance your online transactions with powerful payment solutions

Integrated Point-of-Sale (POS)

Optimize Your Restaurant Operations with Veloce or Maitre'D POS Software


Experience rapid and secure transactions whether in-store or on-the-move

E-commerce Solutions

Enhance your online transactions with powerful payment solutions

Integrated Point-of-Sale (POS)

Optimize your restaurant operations with Veloce or Maitre'D POS software

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About PayFacto

Headquartered in Montreal, PayFacto is firmly established in Canada, and is constantly expanding its presence in the United States and the United Kingdom. A recognized leader in payment solutions and POS software for the food service industry, the company applies its expertise, flexibility and quest for excellence to meet the operational challenges of organizations of all sizes. It helps them achieve their objectives more efficiently and profitably. With a comprehensive portfolio combining diversified services, payment solutions and specialized points of sale, PayFacto equips merchants with the right tools to better execute their transactions, and thus control their financial management.

Our Ecosystem​

Elevating industry standards through strategic partnerships​.

Our ecosystem​

Elevating industry standards through strategic partnerships​.

Integrated Solutions

Streamlining operations and elevating payment experiences, through a single unified platform.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate PayFacto with your business tech stack

API'S & connectors 

PayFacto offers open APIs and connectors to integrate with your existing business systems and software solutions.

Data management

Data sharing between systems enables personalized service, tailored offers, and a seamless experience.

Automation & data flows

Automated data flows between integrated systems reduces manual processes and human errors.

Our Hospitality POS Solutions

PayFacto caters to every aspect of the hospitality industry, providing our merchants with world class payment solutions and POS systems. From optimizing services to managing operations, controlling kitchens, overseeing bar functions, and analyzing sales, our merchants have access to all the necessary tools to successfully operate their businesses.

Maitre’D is a feature-rich POS system recognized for its unparalleled ability to manage single and multi-location businesses. Manage all of your restaurants using a comprehensive reporting module.
The Veloce POS system for restaurants and bars offers unparalleled agility thanks to its state-of-the-art features and unparalleled reliability. You can manage your restaurant entirely from an iPad.


Blaxton Pub & Grill has greatly benefited from PayFacto and Veloce POS, overcoming post-COVID-19 operational hurdles. Their solutions brought us efficiency, time savings, and cost reductions. Our partnership with them is a game-changer in hospitality. I highly recommend their transformative services.

Manon-Élene Couturier Director of Operations, Blaxton Pub & Grill

We're very pleased with PayFacto and its VelPAY solution, it's perfect for our diverse restaurant setup including the dining room, ready-to-eat counter, and bar. It streamlines our service, allowing staff to manage transactions efficiently without leaving the customer's side. Highly recommended for restaurateurs seeking an effective point of sale and payment solution.

Alexadra Pelletier Restaurant Owner, La Parizza

Le Cathcart Restaurants and Biergarten overcame operational challenges by integrating PayFacto and Veloce POS systems. With improved transaction speed, efficient end-of-day closures, and exceptional technical support, their solutions simplified our operations.

Vincent St-Pierre General manager, CathCart Montreal

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